"Happiest Day"

I had the great opportunity to work on this explainer video from script to render with School of Motion.

The Brief

The fictional company Bermuda, is a startup trying to secure investments for their new app, which allows users to find local boats for rent. Think of it as the Uber of boats, complete with a 

captain if you need one.


My first step in this video was to find out how the clients were going to use the app and anything key features the app would include as well as do research on types of boats and movement of water.

 So understanding the product before the product existed was a key component of this video.   


This project was part of the School of Motion's Explainer Camp and was meant to be completed

within 30 days.


After going over a visual script and treatment, it was time to find some references.

So I started to pull together some images for a few different visual styles of the piece.


We decided to go with a horizontal line theme with less realism, especially as the client specifically was looking for something that wouldn't show the app as it hadn't been developed. 



As a motion designer it's pretty key to understand how things move.  And that's exactly where I started my research. The movement of waves, water, and how things move within water. 


Once the style was agreed upon, it was time to start making a splash!


This project was dip into the cold water of an explainer video.  It was great getting to add in all the sound effects, music, and combining that with my animations to give Bermuda their happiest day.